One bar for nothing.

My friend Bill once made a statement about web pages that really stuck with me. Back in the mid-1990s, when web pages were still in their infancy, everyone's page was roughly the same. Find a cool divider bar, some neat .gif icons, and tell the world about who you are and what you do. And somehow we thought they'd care.

Bill said that you have to offer something unique to the people of cyberspace. A service, a comment, a witticism, an opinion. When I went to set about redesigning my website, I took that to heart... created a website with witty content, regular commentary sections, and of course, the obligatory cool divider bars. And it fell into neglect and disrepair.

After watching the developing blogs of [ profile] harliquinn and Jim, I decided it's time to resurrect the idea. I've sporadically started and stopped journals, sporadically started and stopped webpages. Now maybe with both in the same form, I can be more consistent. Plus, with being a doctoral student, I could use the creative outlet. May my ictus remain strong and consistent.


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