I don't get it. It's only an hour.

Why does daylight savings time consistently kick my ass every year? My schedule is highly variable... I go to bed when I'm tired, or when work is done... which is rarely the same time every night. I get up at reasonable hours. But for some reason, the 1 hour shift consistently wipes me out for a few days on the 'spring forward' side. And I'm sure John will tell me that I just need to switch earlier.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm a little bit disappointed in war coverage today. Those who have spoken to me regarding this conflict know that I stand on largely in the "good idea, bad timing and bad execution" camp in terms of disarming Iraq and changing the regime. So to recap: disarming good, regime change good, flipping the collective bird to the world and Having It Your Way (tm), bad.

So today, we track down some purported chemical weapons. And I hear almost NO reporting of this! Isn't the threat of WMD the primary pretense, er, reason we started this war? And the media and government are making no big deal of it? Most curious. Have we become that bloodthirsty for full and complete Risk-like conquest that we have lost sight of what started us down the road to ruin?

I can hear the collective American people drooling over the prospect of Saddam's death, but caring as little about the chemical weapons as they do about that potato chip that just bounced under the couch. Have we forgotten that quickly about that case of duct tape and tarps now gathering dust in the basement?


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